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Erinnerungen an Holland Evgeniya Gukhman
EVGENIYA GUKHMAN – architect and photographer, born and lives in Moscow (Russia), member of the Union of Moscow Architects and Photo-Union of Russia.
She began to photograph in Holland where studied urban planning in 1998. Wonderful Dutch canals inspired her for photographing of reflected world.
The main objects of photographs are images of architecture and nature as they are reflected in water. Photographs are made by standard 35 mm camera, prints are natural and not enhanced with computer effects. Theme and images of photographs make them suitable for design of various interiors from apartments to offices, restaurants and shopping centers as well as for printing production. Eight full-size author’s Kalender” illustrated with her works were issued. Photos were published in magazines.
Evgeniya Gukhman’s photographs are in the collection of the Polytechnical Museum in Moscow and in private collections in Russia and abroad. Since 2001 her “Reflections” were exhibited on ten personal photo-Ausstellungen in Moscow, other places of Russia and Lithuania.
She received Special Distinction Award of Malta International Art Biennale- 2003 in the Photography Section and is the accepted author of the 14th, 15th and 17th International Photocontest Trienberg Super Circuit, patronage of the International Federation of Photograpic Art (FIAP) and Photographic Society of America (PSA) (Osterreich, 2005, 2006 & 2008).
“Architect Evgeniya Gukhman has her own special view of the nature. She photographs only objects as they are reflected in water. It doesn’t matter for her what water is nearby – river, sea, pond or puddle. Usual pictures of nature or architecture receive magic image and some mystic sense that you wish to unravel again and again. Her photographs more closely resemble paintings – delicate, colorful and poetic.” (from the article “Reflected Nature” of T.Khudiakova in “Vremiya MN” Neuigkeitenpaper, 04.12.2001)
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Europäisches Kaleidoskop
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