Aquagraphia by Evgeniya Gukhman
Walks in Italy
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04/28/2015 Update. Architectural Graphics of Berlin, Architectural Graphics of London, Pictorial London series are enriched.

10/21-24/2010 Photographic image from "Architectural Illusions" Series is put on display in the Philippine-Russian Photo Exhibition at the Cebu International Convention Center in Mandaue, Cebu, Philippines. Photoexhibition is among the major components of the 2nd Philippine-Russian Business Forum (PRBF)

14th January, 2010 in Mazoji Galerija (Small Gallery),which is department of Memorial M.K. Churlionio Museum, Druskininkai (Lithuania) E. Gukhman exhibition "Aquagraphia" was opened. The exhibition will last till 02/12/2010.
M.K. Churlionio st., 37

12/14/09 Update. Windows, Night Mirages, Shadows and Summer series are enriched. New series for European Kaleidoscope: Denmark and Luxembourg.

05/06/09 Personal exhibition “Aquagraphia” is opened in Marcinkonys (Dzukija National Park, Lithuania). Photos from “Seasons” Series are exhibited. The exhibition will last till 07/07/09

06/05/09 Personal exhibition “Aquagraphia” is opened in Vilnius, European Cultural Capital 2009, in The State Small Theater (Lithuania). Photos from “St.Petersburg Dreams”, “Solovetskiy Album” and “Black and White Petersburg” Series are exhibited. The exhibition will last till 10/06/09. Exhibition opening was announced in night “Culture News” with Vladislav Fljarkovskij on TV Channel “Kultura” on 7th May 2009, section “Downlo@ding”:

Reality through the prism of water

02/02/09 Update. Oceanarium seria added.

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